At CCAR, we measure our success not just in the number of cars repaired, but in all our customers having a positive experience. We know that car troubles can be stressful, and we are committed minimizing that stress through honest care, attention, and professionalism. Below is some customer feedback we’ve received over the years that demonstrates our values.

Honest and Fair Pricing

“Great place to get your car repaired. They are honest, trusted, and have competitive pricing. I have taken several cars there to get fixed over the years and every time I’ve gone there they have been great to work with. They only fix what needs to be fixed and don’t try and up-sell you on unnecessary things” – Ryan Mower on Google Reviews

Professional and Friendly

“I took my truck in for some front end work and it was fixed the next day. The staff was very professional and friendly. The price was pretty much what you’d expect, but it is worth it for the peace of mind. They back their work with a great warranty. I would recommend Certified Auto Repair” –  Darren Wood on Google Reviews

Our Favorite Shop

“Computune has become our service center of choice. We almost always interact with the owner or his son. They are capable and kind. They always let us know when service is not needed. Highly recommended.” – Paul Eden on Google Reviews 

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Quick and Affordable

“Affordable pricing, and quick service. I had my A/C serviced in about 45 minutes while I waited and now the summer heat is tolerable. Great people, great service!” – Michael Tabla on Google Reviews

Quick and Correct Diagnosis

“Our Buick was going to die soon. We knew that. But being the poor college kids we are, we wanted to drag its life out for as long as we could! We took it in when it wouldn’t start to another repair shop over on Freedom, and they gave us an easy fix solution. We payed big bucks for that diagnostic, and wanted to call around to see what other people would do the service for. Upon calling Certified, they said they didn’t agree with the diagnostic and offered a free checkup. Not only did they find the problem, they were able to fix it in store on the day of our service and even stayed late to do so.” – Bailey Danielson on Google Reviews 

Certified Auto Guarantee

“I have been going to Certified Auto for almost four years now, and have always received great service and fair prices. They always go out of their way to finish the work on time, and if it’s very busy they will rent a car. Also, you can’t beat the National Certified Auto Guarantee. On a road trip from Provo to Los Angeles, our car broke down in Barstow. Since we had recently got our 120,000 mile checkup at the shop in Provo, the work (and tow!) in Barstow was covered.” – Maria Taggart on Google Reviews

Won’t Take Advantage

“These people have checked out our car an refused payment because they felt what they did was so insignificant. Every time we have called around to price things out, they have quoted us a lower price than anyone else…and even if the actual price of repairs went over, they have stuck with the price they first quoted us.My whole family goes to these guys because they are so honest. Seriously. Frank of Frank’s Lakeside service is the only other person in Provo who is as breathtakingly honest as the guys at Computune.They’re good, they know what they are doing, and they won’t take advantage of you.”- Anne Beardsley on Google Reviews

Pleasant, Ready to Help

The place I normally go was really busy, so I just searched for safety and emissions on google and they came up with great reviews. I went there and was very surprised at how pleasant and ready to help they were. Lots of car places aren’t very personable, and I think that’s why it was so surprising. It was cheaper than the other place as well, and they’ve got a nice little waiting room with free soda. I’m definitely going back. – Ben Smith on Google Reviews 

Quality Service, Fair Price

“I went to Certified Auto Repair as part of their RTB program, which is a card that I purchased for several discounted services. They are usually quick and efficient. One time, they realized they didn’t have my oil filter in stock (it is an odd one), and needed more time to get the job done. They drove me to work so I would not have to waste extra time in the waiting room, and picked me up at my convenience later. Their management and staff are friendly and helpful, and consider you budget when recommending services that may be needed or would improve your car’s performance. I’ll be going to them as long as I’m in Provo.5/21/2013 – Certified Auto Repair continues to provide quality service for a fair price. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Certified Auto Repair is everything you would want in a car service and repair station” – Christopher Tracy on Google Reviews

Refreshingly Fair and Committed

“It has been so refreshing to finally find a car repair shop that I can fully trust! These people are committed to making sure that the problems you are having with your vehicle are solved to your satisfaction. I love that through their careful diagnosis of my car they kept me informed at every turn. While trying to find out what was wrong with my car, Certified Auto went to work looking at the least inexpensive things that might be wrong and fixing any problems there first. They have been more than fair with me on diagnostic charges and fixed problems they found while working on the issue and not charging me any additional labor charges. They are careful and you can be sure that you won’t be charged for additional things you didn’t need. This is an honest establishment and I received high-quality work.” – Michelle Hatch on Google Reviews

Commitment to Our Welfare

“We have an old car and the needed repairs were going to cost more than the car is worth. We were going to call it quits and take the car to a junkyard, but the owner of the company didn’t want us to have to leave with a car that doesn’t work. So she adjusted the price to meet our ability to pay and did the work at a great rate as a favor to us. That’s hard to find in the auto industry” – Alexander Lark on Google Reviews

Helpful and Reasonable

“These guys have been so helpful,prices are so reasonable, and they are honest. Our car had a little electric problem and they fixed it right away and since it was small they didn’t charge for their help. Who other mechanic does that? I would take my car here if it had a problem.” – Andrea Osuna on Google Reviews

At Computune Certified Auto we’re always happy to assist. Contact us today to get fast, friendly, honest car repair service.